Travel Channel: Ice Cream Paradise

Ice cream: it's a sweet treat craved by children and adults alike. In America, folks scream especially loudly for their ice cream: consuming one and a half billion gallons of it each year. From cotton candy to beer-flavored ice cream, nothing beats a semi-frozen concoction of sweetness. So grab your scoop, and head on over to some of America's most famous ice cream paradises. Read More.

Take a Self-Reflection Vacation

Before you shut the door on 2015, take a moment to take stock of how far you’ve come this year. Yes, you. Didn’t accomplish all of your 2015 goals? Fuck it. You either did the best you could or you decided along the way that your goals needed some serious adjusting (or to be abandoned entirely). As infinitesimal as we all are in this universe, we each experience this life uniquely. That’s power. So before you ring in 2016 with the same tepid enthusiasm as last year, let’s take a little self-reflection vacation together and do these five things... Read More.

Travel Channel: Diner Paradise

There's nothing like a good, old-fashioned meal at an all-American diner to rekindle your memories of the glory days. From classic jukeboxes to frothy milkshakes, diners have become iconic fixtures in American culinary culture. So grab your nickels for the jukebox and lace up those blue-suede shoes -- you're headed to Diner Paradise.